I haven’t write about this significant man for awhile now. Actually it’s a huge progress. I only think of him occasionally.  But somehow after four years, the feeling couldn’t just disappear.  Do human possible of only loving another for the rest of its life? It’s a pretty cool concept, but actually I’m dying to love again.

I taught myself to let go, knowing that he will be a successful one, meanwhile I can’t think of myself having extraordinary life in the future. I think I will always have this normal life and I realized I won’t match him. And that’s what makes me to eventually let him go. In the last letter he gave me, he said we will be living in different world, you wouldn’t understand about my life, (I think that’s what he meant. )  Come to think about it, then yes, he was true. I’m no match for him after all.







I want to forget about him completely.






I want to love again.



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