Another rainy afternoon.

I don’t know what I felt recently. Nothing like anger, or jealousy,

I am just the old me nowadays.
It’s been awhile since the last time I feel happy, butterflies in my stomach, because of opposite genders. I still love that jerk with glasses, but now I know how to let him go & also he already has a new gf so no reason for me to cling my present to him….now i love him like a family of mine.

It’s like something  else has distracted me more. Like what will I do after college? What occupation suits me best? How can I earn big salary so I dont always use my parent’s money?

Maybe nowadays I find myself more interested in…… future.


And so does my future husband. What he will be like? I hope he will love to read like I do. I hope he enjoyed cartoons & comics 🙂
….no, that’s not important.

I just wish we will be taking care of each other & faithful to each other til death do us part. (Ugh, my sentences are really old fashioned) That’s what I find important.

Okay…that’s for now?


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